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Thank you for taking the time to visit our online boutique, Southern Scarlett! As you've shopped around and explored our little company, you may have a few questions regarding our name, our plans and our future dreams.

We've answered some of our most frequently asked questions with you, our customer, in mind. We hope that with this info, you no longer have to wonder about the small business you're supporting: instead, you can worry about which girls boutique clothing items look cutest on your toddler!

Who is Southern Scarlett?

Southern Scarlett is a small company with big dreams.

We created our online boutique as a way to fund our dream of creating a clothing line for kids like our son, Paul, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. Currently, we sell boutique clothing for little girls and boys, along with accessories like hats, bows and non-toxic, kid-safe nail polish.

Where does the name "Southern Scarlett" come from?

Because our future clothing line will be dedicated to our son, we named Southern Scarlett after our daughter.

Paul and (Southern) Scarlett
Paul and (Southern) Scarlett

We feel that both of our children should be represented in our business and in our daily decisions. We were both raised in small Southern towns with local hardware stores and corner markets -- so, we understand the importance of knowing who you're buying from. As a business with a family-first approach, our name reflects that.

We want you to feel like a part of our family with every purchase.

Tell us about the Southern Scarlett logo.

Our logo is a watercolor drawing of a Southern live oak created by Autumn Trammell.

We chose this symbol for our children's clothing boutique for two reasons.

These strong oaks are credited with protecting our coastlines during storms. Like these sprawling giants, we will weather the storm and help protect our communities. 

Angel Oak - South CarolinaAngel Oak - South Carolina

They are also referred to as "evergreen" oaks; they do lose their leaves, but start growing them back almost immediately. Just like these beautiful trees, we will continue to grow, and take on new challenges.

We may "lose our leaves" temporarily, but it's important to always keep growing and learning. This is a lesson we hope to instill upon our children and demonstrate in our company's ethos.

Why did you start a girls boutique clothing store?

Southern Scarlett began as a dream we'd discuss on our couch after our kids went to bed:

To create inclusive clothing for kids who have fabric aversions or other special clothing needs.

It remained a near nightly discussion until one day, it just happened. We had discussed opening a girls boutique clothing shop (specifically a little girls dresses boutique) one day, but Tom couldn’t wait. One night he announced that he had created an ecommerce website to help fund our future clothing line. A few more discussions and some long nights at the computer and Southern Scarlett, LLC was born!

Eventually, we aspire to create an inclusive clothing line in honor of our son, but we understand that this process will take a lot more time and planning. Southern Scarlett and girls boutique clothing aren't just stepping stones we plan to abandon after we launch our new line.

We hope to learn and grow as much as we can with Southern Scarlett and become the premier online destination for girls boutique clothing, so when our new line launches we can reach more children (regardless of gender) who would benefit from the use of inclusive clothing.

Do you plan to open a traditional girls boutique clothing store?

This is the question we get asked most often! We are an active-duty military family that has moved every year for the past few years. The constant moving, and the threat thereof, make it difficult to commit to a lease and establish our brand in the community as a long-term business.

As a result, we created our online boutique, so we could continue to work toward our goals while maintaining our commitment to serve. We would love to eventually open a brick-and-mortar store once Tom “retires” from the military.

What are your near-term plans for Southern Scarlett?

Our ultimate goal is to become the leading destination in online toddler dresses.

When it comes to little girl dresses, boutique is best. Come March of 2020, our entire site will be dedicated to toddler girl dresses, with complementing accessories like matching bows, bamboo knee socks and non-toxic, kid-safe nail polish.

We recently made a trip to visit with our manufacturers and left with over 50 new designs that will be appearing on our website between now and Spring. You can preview some of these design by visiting our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

What are your ultimate goals?

Every item of clothing purchased from Southern Scarlett will help us fund a future line of inclusive clothing for neuro-diverse children like Paul, and children who have medical conditions in general.

Children with disabilities, for example, can find it difficult to dress independently, while children who have autism, may have sensory issues that make them sensitive to certain fabrics and textures.

The process of creating this clothing line is ongoing. If you have a child or family member who would benefit from these types of clothing and would like to make suggestions, please feel free to email us:

As we continue to work toward our ultimate goal, we are always looking for ways to help bring our dream a little closer to reality.

Recently, we started carrying Charlie's Project, a line of children's clothing created by Charlie's mom, Anna, with sensory-friendly, soft touch fabrics for children with Down's syndrome and autism. These dresses are perfect for all little girls and all occasions. They are comfortable, twirly, and we have a hard time convincing our daughter to wear anything else!

What sets your girl's boutique clothing store apart?

It's just two of us at the moment, so we are able to focus on the details that larger stores may overlook. 

We travel to each manufacturer's showroom to select the clothing you see in our store. We check seams, feel materials, inspect quality, and request customizations to ensure our customers get the very best.

We could just order clothes from overseas and sell whatever arrived, but that just wouldn't be the Southern way. Quality is important, and we think girls boutique clothing should be passed down to little sisters, cousins, or others in need.

We are also very easy to contact for questions or special requests! We are truly a family-run business. We answer the phone, reply to emails, manage social media, and ship your packages ourselves. We welcome all feedback and would love to hear from you anytime:

Thank you for reading!


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