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Few things in life are sweeter than selecting and organizing newborn layette. Just the word ‘layette’ gives us that dreamy look in our eye, thinking about tiny newborn gowns and impossibly delicate onesies with matching newborn caps. It’s enough to make even the most “we’re done” parents consider having just one more. (Kidding… mostly).

A newborn baby's skin is delicate and sensitive, so we are naturally mindful about choosing only the softest, most natural fabrics for baby's wardrobe. But when it comes to newborn layette, not all brands are created equal. Yes, most brands of baby clothes are somewhat soft. However, we’ve been surprised to find that even the super popular brands can sometimes feel a bit stiff and scratchy. No way a onesie or newborn gown that feels like a pair of starchy boxer shorts is coming near my baby’s delicate, sensitive skin. Am I right?

Fortunately, there are some absolutely incredible brands out there producing remarkably soft, high-quality baby clothes that are perfect for babies’ sensitive skin. One of the most highly regarded brands of newborn layette is Magnolia Baby. This is a brand we are so very proud to include in the Southern Scarlett children’s clothing boutique.

Magnolia Baby is synonymous with luxury, comfort and style for baby clothes and beyond. Their magnificent pima cotton garments are at the top of the wish list and baby registry for most parents. These incredibly soft items will have you weeping more than usual when your little one naturally outgrows them.

We’re so excited to share some of our favorite Magnolia Baby pieces from the boutique, and of course, give you a little insight into what this sweet brand is all about.

Magnolia Baby was established in 2006 with a mission of creating finely detailed, sophisticatedly designed clothing for babies and children. Their garments are made from the finest, highest-grade pima cotton and include the most beautiful, delicate embroidery details. The brand strives to feature smart, functional designs without sacrifice to detail, distinction, or stylish appeal. Every step of the way, careful thought is put into ensuring the garments are high quality and highly comfortable.

It’s no wonder Magnolia Baby’s pima cotton garments are a cult favorite among new parents.

So what’s all the hype about pima cotton anyway? How is it any different from regular cotton? Well. Let us tell you a little about why this particular variety of cotton is so highly coveted.

Pima cotton is in the same “extra-long staple cotton” category as Egyptian cotton. This cotton is the finest in the world, the variety cotton we frequently see in luxurious bed sheets and fancy hotel bathrobes. Another fun fact: both Pima and Egyptian varieties of cotton comprise only about 10% of all cotton worldwide. The remaining 90% is Upland cotton (or Gossypium hirsutum). What sets pima cotton apart from Egyptian cotton is largely due to its American roots. Right here in the South, matter of fact!

Pima cotton growing in Arizona.

Pima cotton’s roots trace back to cotton grown on the famed Sea Islands of South Carolina as early as the 1790's (source). Pima cotton was originally called American-Egyptian cotton. Selective cross-pollination with Egyptian varieties offered an incredibly high-quality fiber that resulted in a fabric that was luxurious and strong.

In the 1900s, the US Department of Agriculture collaborated with the Pima tribe of Arizona to further develop and perfect this young crop. These pioneers are who we have to thank for the incredible quality of the pima seed and the soft, rich fabric. And of course, the name pima cotton. Since those days, the quality has only grown and popularity is soaring. Nowadays there are scientific processes that allow you to be sure you’re getting honest to goodness, pure Pima cotton.

It should be no surprise that Magnolia Baby uses 100%, pure Pima cotton. One touch and you’ll understand all the hype about this incredible fabric. Pima cotton is as silky and smooth as your brand new baby’s skin. It is softer than soft, which is why it makes the perfect choice for your baby’s layette.

Now that you have a degree in the history of pima cotton, let’s get to the fun stuff – the adorable newborn layette designs!

Southern Scarlett is so pleased to have these beautiful Magnolia Baby newborn baby gowns in our children’s clothing boutique. These classically styled, delicately smocked pima cotton gowns are the perfect lightweight essential to any babies’ wardrobe. These gowns are available in either pale blue or pale pink pastel dots and feature a sweet gingham trim. The incredible softness will have your little love bug sleeping soundly while looking (even more) like a perfect angel. 

Magnolia Baby Blue Smocked Gown                                                                 

Magnolia Baby Pink Smocked Gown

In addition to the pima cotton newborn gowns, we also have the most precious pima cotton Noah’s Ark converter. This darling ensemble comes in gorgeous pale blue and pale pink colors with extraordinary hand embroidered Noah’s Ark on the chest. This Magnolia Baby converter is as versatile as it is beautiful - use it as a gown, or snap it up to convert it into a sleeper. We love options! The pure pima cotton fabric will feel like silk against your babies’ skin, so don’t be surprised if it becomes your go-to outfit.

Magnolia Baby Blue Noah's Ark Converter

Magnolia Baby Pink Noah's Ark Converter

We are also thrilled to share that we’ll be adding some absolutely stunning Magnolia Baby toddler dresses to the Southern Scarlett boutique come Spring. Magnolia Baby offers many beautiful special occasion dresses and ensembles that will offer fresh, stylish sophistication while keeping your precious one’s absolute comfort as the first priority. Your babe will look fabulous and still feel like they’re wearing a pair of the softest jammies. What’s not to love about that?

The folks at Magnolia Baby have a huge heart for keeping children safe and healthy. In addition to making beautiful and comfortable baby clothes, they are a tremendous supporter of Pediatric Cancer Research. Magnolia Baby is also proud to be in full compliance with CPSIA requirements. These requirements ensure that all their garments are free of lead and other icky chemicals that really have no place in a child’s clothing. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this marvelous brand partner of ours. We are so proud to feature Magnolia Baby items in the Southern Scarlett boutique. Our mission is to offer stylish clothing for your children, without sacrificing their comfort. We look forward to sharing more of our best finds, because you and your little ones deserve it.

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