Mother and Daughter Spa Day Ideas

At Southern Scarlett, we value the powerful, often magical, bond between a mother and daughter. As purveyors of toddler dresses, accessories and non-toxic nail polish, we also know that mothers set the example when it comes to style and beauty. A mother and daughter spa day is the perfect way to share your love of glamour with your daughter, while bonding over beauty treatments at home.

Granted, a two-year-old may be too young for a chemical peel or a full-body massage -- but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your own mother-daughter beauty rituals at home. Here are some of the best, most age-appropriate ideas for hosting the perfect mother and daughter spa day at home!

Enjoy a natural, DIY face mask recipe.

Every little girl loves to feel "grown-up" -- and a DIY face mask, complete with cucumber slices for the eyes, will help her do just that!

Before she's grown, we suggest avoiding masks that come from a tube at your mother and daughter spa day, and instead creating your own with all-natural ingredients. However, exercise caution when selecting a recipe to avoid irritating her sensitive toddler skin. In fact, you can mix a DIY face mask made from simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen!

Since, as you probably know, toddlers are prone to putting things in their mouths (regardless of whether or not they belong there!), we recommend sticking to ingredients that are safe for your daughter to ingest. For example, try this fun, edible "mud" mask recipe from Mom Makes Joy, which has a tasty Greek yogurt and cocoa base.

(And, of course, keep in mind any food allergies she may have, as allergens can still wreak havoc on skin even when they aren't swallowed.)

Paint each other's nails with non-toxic polish.

Piggy Paint Girls Mini Manicure Kit

More and more nail salons now offer "mini manicures" for daughters to enjoy alongside their mommies. However, at-home mani-pedis both save money -- and provide an opportunity to enjoy a full-blown mother and daughter spa day!

Though you may worry about letting your toddler loose around nail polish, there's no need to panic with non-toxic Piggy Paint. We love this nail polish brand for toddlers because it contains zero harsh chemicals and no animal ingredients.

In fact, Piggy Paint even sells a "Mini Mani Kit," complete with strawberry happy hand balm, grape sugar scrub and a tiny nail file for the perfect mother-daughter mani. Take turns pampering each other's hands and feet with these products to give your girl a special treat!

Our advice for a smooth mother-daughter manicure? Set expectations for a safe spa day before you start -- and, of course, help her steer clear of sharp nail clippers and toxic nail polish remover.

Allow her to play with toddler-safe makeup.

You know your daughter is a natural beauty -- but that doesn't mean she won't start to ask questions, especially if she sees Mommy applying makeup in the mirror! To take your mother and daughter spa day above and beyond, let your daughter explore kid-safe makeup options after enjoying your DIY skin and nail treatments.

If your daughter becomes curious about cosmetics, but you aren't ready to trust her with the real deal just yet, try non-toxic, toddler-safe "play makeup," which allows her to experiment without exposure to harsh chemicals or dyes.

But where to begin with toddler-safe makeup? Brands like Piggy Paint and Klee Kids sell "mini makeup kits" designed especially for kids, with light pigments and natural minerals to make moms happy.

When it comes to toddler makeup, start by setting age-appropriate expectations as you see fit (for example, that play makeup is only to wear at home) -- and always make sure to supervise when your daughter feels like trying out a fresh new look.

Teach her to glow from the inside out.

At the end of the day, self-confidence remains the best beauty lesson you can give your daughter. By the end of your mother and daughter spa day, make sure your daughter knows where true beauty comes from: the inside!

No matter how much makeup she wears or what color she paints her toenails, wearing a smile and being kind to everyone makes her far more beautiful than any product ever could. So, leave the pressure behind when you begin to introduce beauty products to your little girl. Your daughter may love her lip gloss, or absolutely despise it. Whatever her relationship to beauty, expressing your unconditional love and acceptance will help her feel free to be the best, most beautiful version of herself!

Most importantly, remember that little ears hear everything -- including your negative self-talk. If you want your daughter to feel gorgeous from the inside out, the best thing you can do is set a positive example of infallible confidence and inner beauty.

Haley Fritz

Haley Fritz is the Founder & CEO of Millennial Pink Media, LLC, and the former Digital Content & Social Media Manager for Organic Spa Media, Ltd. In 2019, she graduated one year early from the Boston University College of Communication (B.S. Communications Studies, Minor Political Science). As a wellness and lifestyle blogger, she has worked with national brands such as Warby Parker, Go Macro, Fab Fit Fun, Aaptiv and Nature's Fusions. Haley is passionate about community service, and currently volunteers with FrontLine Services's Camp Bridges for children who have suffered from a traumatic death in their families.

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