Southern Scarlett is a small, family-owned and operated children’s clothing boutique. We offer unique, beautiful, sensory friendly clothing made from natural, non-toxic fabrics. Our ultimate dream is to create a line of high quality inclusive clothing for children.

Who We Are

Southern Scarlett is a homegrown company in every sense of the word.  

Raised in small Southern towns with local hardware stores and corner markets, we understand the importance of knowing the people you are buying from. We have a family first approach for life as well as business, and at Southern Scarlett, we want you to be a part of our family.

We are a military family of four that move often. Tina is a Radiologic Technician and Tom is a Digital Forensic Examiner. Our children are Paul, 7, and Scarlett, 2. Paul was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD in 2017. While Paul does not have aversions to fabric, many of his friends do, not uncommon for neurodiverse children. Paul was and is the inspiration behind this venture; an idea cultivated through weeks of late night conversations about our desire to create a line of inclusive children’s clothing.

Our daughter Scarlett, as you may have guessed, is our company namesake. She also happens to be our best employee. She is quite passionate about beautiful dresses and gives her favorites a hug before they get stocked!

Our Mission

Our goal is to inspire and create confidence in all children, despite their circumstances. Fun clothing that doesn’t highlight a child’s differences, but rather, embraces their life for what it is and lets them just be a kid!

Ultimately, we plan to create our own line of children’s clothing dedicated to children with medical conditions and neurodiversity. Every item of clothing purchased from Southern Scarlett will help fund a future line of inclusive clothing.

We want our customers to know they are part of something greater that will benefit future generations.

What We Offer

Southern Scarlett offers a selection of high quality, unique clothing from upscale and progressive brands. We currently feature baby and toddler clothing for boys and girls, but come Spring 2020, we are niching down and will become a little girls clothing boutique, primarily featuring toddler girls dresses, sizes 2T-5T.

We are highly passionate and very selective about the dresses and other items we feature in our boutique. Each article of clothing is hand selected for quality and held to a very high set of standards. Your child’s safety and comfort is our priority and we take great care to only offer items that feature a unique style, soft fabrics and natural, non-toxic materials. If we wouldn’t dress our own child in it, you won’t find it in our boutique.

We seek out brand partners who feature ethical manufacturing and have great stories about perseverance, empowerment and triumph in creating their brands. We believe in being champions for this community of individuals who share our goal in creating stylish, inclusive clothing for children. A few of the brands we are proud to  feature are Charlie’s Project, Magnolia Baby, and Mud Pie. Coming soon to the boutique are brands like Little Green Radicals, Paty, Squiggles, Posh Pickle, Vignette, and Rachel Riley.

What You Can Expect

Southern Scarlett is truly a family-run operation, every step of the way. We take great care in providing a personal touch to customer service that you won’t find in a large online department store. We process all inventory, answer our own phones and respond to all email inquiries ourselves. Each purchase from Southern Scarlett is carefully hand-packaged and shipped to ensure it arrives to you safely and in beautiful condition, ready for your family to enjoy.

At Southern Scarlett, we want the absolute best for your children and ours.

To read more about our story and why we ventured into the world of girls boutique clothing, check out our FAQ post on our blog, where we also feature stories, styling tips, and other helpful information.

As always, we invite you to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Thank you for being a part of the Southern Scarlett family!

With Love,
Tom, Tina, Paul & Scarlett